About Us

We are an Australian Brisbane-based company specialising in the sale and marketing of Eco-friendly, disposable food packaging. Our products – made from plant raw materials which are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and safe – are suitable for every occasion.

We promote eco-packaging for a cleaner and greener environment in an effort to decrease pollution, climate change and global-warming. We believe caring for our environment helps check rising temperatures and sea levels, and helps reduce the frequency of devastating wildfires and flash floods.

When we make sustainable consumption choices, they have a direct, positive impact on our community health, overall quality of life and help protect our wildlife. It is important to realise that together we can make a difference in preserving a more pristine environment for future generations.Be-Good-eco-Packaging-environment-friendly-products

Be Good is continuously driving initiatives for a better tomorrow. We have specially chosen a unique company name with a turtle logo element to symbolise the spirit of our business. In traditional legends, the turtle is often portrayed as Mother Earth, blessing us with good health and long life. Its characteristic resilience is an inspiration to our venture. So, in effect, our name and logo reflect and hold a special corporate identity synonymous with our business culture and core values.

We welcome retail or wholesale business enquiries and strategic partners to further promote and extend our brand presence and reach. Our friendly, experienced and well-trained staff is always on hand to attend to you.

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